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The tradition of BALTO Week began at Edmond North High School in 1995. This is North’s most significant tradition and is held highly as the most exciting and meaningful work of the year! Not only is this a week full of fun and excitement, but also an opportunity for our school to give back to the community. 


In 1995, the Student Council Leadership Class wanted to create a charity week. The name BALTO is an acronym quite fitting to our school: Bring A Light To Others.  It is also conveniently the name of a well-known husky.  The 1925 husky sled dog, Balto, was the lead dog in delivering an important serum to Nome, Alaska to prevent diphtheria from spreading to all the young people. He makes BALTO even more suitable considering a mighty husky is our mascot.  Bringing A Light To Others is exactly what this week is all about. We, united in our efforts, bring a light to the lives of our recipients. 


Since 1995, North has raised over two million dollars for BALTO recipients. We have raised money for child cancer patients, brain tumor patients, special education students,  premature babies, local schools, and many more worthy causes. It has been an honor that our school has chosen to do so much good for the lives of others in need within our very own community. BALTO Week is a week full of all sorts of exciting student-led activities. All of its events and activities are done strictly for the benefit of our recipient. Activities such as assemblies during school, night activities (dances, movie nights, etc.), Northstock (battle of the bands), sales (t-shirts, pizza, sweets, etc.), collecting money at school, and much more are all done in efforts to fundraise for our recipient. A day does not go on during this week without something planned that benefits BALTO. 


When BALTO Week was first initiated in 1995, North’s goal was set at $5,000. This money was raised to help a teacher with cancer. Seven years later, the goal was set at $55,000 for BALTO 2001. Not only did we meet that goal of $55,000, but we far exceeded it by raising over $81,000! Come 2007, we raised over $140,000. In 2008 we raised over $187,000 for Make-A-Wish, it was the single largest donation Make-A-Wish had ever received, As you can see, BALTO is growing and gets better as the years progress. New traditions are added every year and changes are made in order to help continue the amazing success. We are confident that each year BALTO will be even better than it was the previous year, and the trend of growth will continue.


2024            Wings Special Needs Community                                                                                                         $212,748

2023             Make-A-Wish Oklahoma                                                                                                                             $251,441         

2022             Generation Why                                                                                                                                                 $197,595

2021              Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma                                                                   $165,986

2020              The Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital                                                                              $568,082

2019               The Care Center                                                                                                                                                $786,052     

2018               Hugs For Hope                                                                                                                                                     $648,760

2017               Children's Hospital Volunteers                                                                                                                  $271,052

2016               Fields and Futures                                                                                                                                            $708,748

2015               Hearts for Hearing                                                                                                                                          $605,808


2014               Special Care, Inc.                                                                                                                                                $301,144


2013               March of Dimes                                                                                                                                                  $296,720

2012               Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Sooner Chapter                                                                                   $282,145

2011               Children's Hospital Foundation                                                                                                                 $265,174

2010               Victory Junction Camp                                                                                                                                $228,625

2009               Oklahoma Brain Tumor Foundation                                                                                                     $193,224

2008               Make -A- Wish Foundation of Central Oklahoma                                                                       $187,068

2007               Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Hospital                                                                                                      $145,000

2006               The Children's Center                                                                                                                                    $135,000

2005               Special Care, Inc.                                                                                                                                                $97,000

2004               Oklahoma Children's Cancer Association                                                                                        $101,535

2003               Individual

2002               Individual                                                                                                                                                                  $81,000

2001               John Ross 4th grader w/undifferentiated sarcoma         

1996-2000     Individual                      

1995              Edmond North Teacher with cancer                                                                                                          $5,000


Year            BALTO Recipient                                                                                                Amount Raised


Memorial, North, and Santa Fe high schools also raise funds for their "Common Thread."  Each year, the three Edmond schools designate a common cause.  5% of each school’s fundraising for their main cause is given collectively to the Common Thread.  

   2024                Project 66  

   2023                City Care   

   2022                 Limbs for Life

   2021                 Dogs for a Cause

   2020                Cleats for Kids


   2019                 PIVOT

   2018                 DSACO


   2017                 Edmond Public Schools Foundation

   2016                 Edmond Public Schools Foundation

   2015                 Endeavor Games

   2014                 U R Special

   2013                 A New Leash on Life

   2012                 Edmond Mobile Meals

   2011                 Angel's Foster Family Network Oklahoma City

   2010                Coffee Creek Riding Center

   2009                National Transplant Fund for a Santa Fe High School alumn

   2008                BLAZE (OK Greater Sports Association)

   2007                The Meadows


   2006                Dreamcatcher Playground, Choctaw Elementary School


   2004                Coffee Creek Riding Center

   2003                Camp Cavett through OU Children's Hospital

Year              Common Thread Recipient                                                                                 

BALTO will be a tradition that lasts forever at Edmond North High School. BALTO changes the lives of all those who participate; not just those of the recipients, but the students, teachers and parents as well, for BALTO touches everyone. BALTO reaches beyond Edmond North. It lasts for years to come in the lives of those we helped and the lives of those who saw the good done. Anyone who has ever participated in any aspect of BALTO would agree that it will forever have an impact. 


BALTO Week is a tradition.


BALTO Week changes lives.




It truly does "Bring A Light To Others." 

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